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Culture of Enterprise


Culture of Enterprise

Student Owners live the culture of enterprise to learn it:  they work hard and smart together to compete and prosper.

Business Owners are enterprising, lest they are soon elsewhere employed.  Student Owners become enterprising.  They want to:

  • invest: believe in opportunity, develop the confidence and can-do spirit to pursue it
  • work hard: rise to responsibility, demonstrate integrity, take initiative, keep trying
  • work smart: continuously learn; be reliable, resourceful, resolute, a team player
  • profit: create wealth, earn fulfillment, pride, and respect, do well by doing good

Student Owners develop new ambitions and the confidence to pursue them.

Young people who foresee real educational and economic opportunity are more likely to invest in themselves than youth who foresee only meager prospects.

I think that was their biggest transformation: that by taking this class, being a part of a corporation, running their own business, they saw they could do it.

Seventy-three percent of African-American , 69% of Hispanic,
and 55% of White teens have never spoken with a business owner.

  • One percent of them could start about 30,000 businesses every year.
  • But not if they never experience enterprise and discover their entrepreneurial spirit.
Of all my students, none had come in and said:  I want to own a business.
By the end, a third of them had an idea for a business they wanted to start.
Owning a business in school offers all young people the cultural foundation
for economic success handed down to more privileged children at home.

They Can, They Want To, They Belong 

Ownership responsibility fosters feelings of competence and confidence.


Fulfilling challenging "bottom-line" responsibilities gives Owners a "can do" attitude. It prepares them to become productive, well-paid workers or entrepreneurs.

They get a lot of confidence doing this. It helps them get along better with people. 

Enterprise experience proves the real-world worth of education.


Their profits prove what their Skills Statements and Business Portfolios document:
education is valuable, opportunity is attainable, responsibility is rewarding.

They understand that they have learned all these skills they can put down on their resume. They know how to go out and buy things, how to use the computers, how to write letters, things my students would never have had the opportunity to do.

Owners communicate and collaborate in a Corporate community.

Investing and working together promote trust among teachers and students. 

We would talk about what we did, how we did it, what went well, what did not go so well, who did a better job , who would like to learn how to do a particular job.



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