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  • enables every teen to experience economic opportunity with responsibility
  • motivates low-achieving, at-risk students to stay in school, engaged in learning
  • promotes inclusive economic growth, prepares youth to compete and prosper
  • makes teaching American enterprise values, perspectives, and skills
    practical and inexpensive for teachers and schools

EnterprisePrep is hands-on, project-based learning and earning.
Middle and high school s

  • own and run a Main Street, Mom-and-Pop retail Kiosk in school
  • commit to work hard and smart together
  • take home profits they earn

Teachers say,

Students enjoy the real world experience. They are enthusiastic.

I like to watch their excitement as they plan and work together.
I see concrete examples of my students putting instruction into practice.
Opportunity for All
Two-thirds of America's entrepreneurs are children of entrepreneurs.
Yet, sixty percent of U.S. teens have never spoken with a business owner.
  • Their aspirations may be limited to possibilities they see:
    minimum-wage careers, street life.
  • They may not believe they will get a fair chance to pursue opportunity.
  • They may not foresee a return on investing in their talents and skills.

Business ownership helps build the foundation for success:
students learn to believe in themselves and opportunity.

Dividends demonstrate the direct link between education and income.

Before we did this, they thought they were going to have to be employees.
Now, they see they can learn to be owners and managers if they want to do it.

Reasons to Learn

Profit motivates. Ownership engages youth emotionally and cognitively.

They are proud of their kiosk. Of 25 students, only one did not actively participate.

Students contract with each other and their teacher to form a Corporation.
They commit to common goals and mutual accountability.

When students with behavior problems see what is going on, they channel their energy. Students who do not think of themselves as leaders were voted into management.

Owners become enterprising: they want to learn and use literacy, math, critical thinking, business, and entrepreneurial skills to manage their Corporation and profit.

We have a long waiting list to get into my class. Teachers are always saying how much better my students are. They sit and listen and pay attention.

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