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Standards-Based Objectives 


Management: Use reasoning and discussion:

  • decide marketing strategies and solve business problems
  • evaluate performance and award Sweat Equity (bonus shares)
  • decide whether to retain profits or distribute dividends

Leadership: Kiosk Executive Officers (KEOs) direct Kiosk Teams.

  • Build trust, motivate team, acknowledge achievement and effort,
    give constructive criticism, and mediate conflict.
  • Delegate roles and review tasks, set deadlines, carry out schedules,
    and supervise Team to improve performance.

Teamwork: Work hard and smart together to achieve shared goals.

  • Explain function of Owners? Agreement as a contract that creates shared goals and performance standards with mutual responsibility and accountability.
  • Attend Workshops, Conferences, and Kiosk Sales prepared and on time.
  • Show each other respect; give each other support; resolve disagreements.

Marketing: Research and decide product, price, place, and promotion strategies.

  • Market Research: survey customers, search Internet, observe local competitors.
  • Marketing Strategies: Develop and implement strategies:
    • offer quality products that meet customers? needs and wants
    • set affordable prices that give good value, but cover costs to yield profit
    • locate Kiosk conveniently, display products attractively
    • create informative, persuasive promotional materials

Retail Operations: Efficiently use minimum resources to achieve maximum profit.

  • Sales: Listen and offer friendly, informed assistance; close sale.
  • Bookkeeping: Complete accurate, legible records of revenues and expenses.
  • Inventory: Complete accurate, legible records of products bought and sold.

Enterprising Perspective

When they close their Corporation, student Owners demonstrate enterprising perspective.

Ownership: Define business ownership; describe opportunity with responsibility.

Explain enterprising values and attitudes:

  • invest: believe in opportunity, develop the confidence and can-do spirit to pursue it
  • work hard: rise to responsibility, demonstrate integrity, take initiative, keep trying
  • work smart: continuously learn; be reliable, resourceful, resolute, a team player
  • profit: create wealth, earn fulfillment, pride, and respect, do well by doing good

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