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Materials and Support

Materials and Professional Development

Teachers receive CEO's Guides. Students receive Owners' Manuals.

In their Orientation, educators learn instructional and business strategies and work with facilitators on Startup and Business Administration checklists.

Orientation hours may be credited toward continuing education requirements. 

Management assistance can include telephone and email consultations, meetings, and classroom and Kiosk Sales observations.

Virtual Community of Practice

Teachers and administrators will receive a free, password-protected subscription to the interactive section of to be developed.

It will include discussion areas, curriculum supplements, readings with guides,
and links to educational, microenterprise, and business development resources. will sustain virtual communities of enterprising practice.
Educators will collaborate with each other and facilitators, sharing ideas, solving problems, and realizing educational and business opportunities.


Data can be collected to monitor curriculum effectiveness: measurable inputs, e.g., pre-ownership performance, dollars invested in Corporate Stock, and outcomes:

  • attendance and grades
  • standardized literacy, math, and college admission test scores
  • promotion, suspension, dropout, and graduation rates
  • rent, taxes, profits, dividends, "double-barreled" return on investment


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