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Materials and Support

Costs and Funding

Owner's Manuals each cost $30, a CEO's Guide costs $300, professional development and management assistance are available at $100 per hour.

Contact us about packages of materials and services for schools and districts.

EnterprisePrep can fund itself following startup.

  • Corporations can pay schools interest, dividends, rent, and taxes.
  • Kiosks can become Markets of Kiosks selling new products and services.
  • Entrepreneurial Owners can plan and start school- and community-based microenterprises with locally available financial and management support.

Startup investment may be paid for with grants and sponsorships:

  • Department of Education, Labor, Justice, and HHS grants are available
  • state education, economic and workforce development funds may be used

Socially-motivated funding can support EnterprisePrep: foundations, and youth, faith-based, microenterprise, and community development organizations.

Business community sponsorships may be locally available:

  • corporations interested in education, community and workforce development
  • chambers of commerce and other small business groups
  • banks interested in financial literacy and CRA credit
  • networks of "angels", i.e., entrepreneurs who have sold successful ventures and now build new companies as investors and management advisors

Contact us for information about available funding and management assistance. 

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