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21st Century Prosperity

American enterprise works best for enterprising Americans.

Working hard and smart, enterprising employees do well by helping their companies creatively, proactively meet the demands of rapidly changing global competition.

That is the big leap they make, starting to set long term goals for themselves.
They think, 'Yes, I can do this. I can become something bigger than I thought.'

Enterprise experience stimulates entrepreneurship: two-thirds of U.S. entrepreneurs previously owned or managed a small business.

All my special education students graduated. One of them started selling T-shirts.
He made enough money to open a laundromat. Now, he owns two laundromats.

Practical, Low-Cost

EnterprisePrep is easy to teach and fun to learn.

  • Student Owners follow step-by-step management and operations checklists.
  • Teacher CEOs have their own checklists for Startup Planning and Administration. Only three forms are needed to run the business.
  • Student businesses comply with requirements for student activities.

The curriculum helps fulfill educational goals:

  • Attendance and academic performance improve.
  • Dropout rates fall.

It aligns with standards for literacy, math, critical thinking, teamwork, career awareness, workplace readiness, business and entrepreneurship education.

Student businesses readily adapt to current curricula, programs, and strategies, and
fit diverse schedules, facilities, and learning environments. 

EnterprisePrep is inexpensive to start and can pay for itself.
Profit-making student businesses pay schools rent and taxes.

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